Profile of Dr. Peter Schütte


Peter Schütte

Managing Partner of Schuette & Company and Professor of Strategic Management, Nyenrode Business University.

Peter Schütte (1948) has extensive experience as a management consultant, facilitator and as an academic. In management consulting he has worked for companies such as Boer & Croon (Netherlands), Booz, Allen & Hamilton (Singapore and Indonesia) and SMG (Paris and Stockholm). From 1987 to 1991 he was a member of Shell’s Group Planning in London, as head of Planning Techniques and Training, actively involved in making Shell’s scenario to strategy processes more effective.

Presently he lives and works in/from the Netherlands, where he combines a position of professor of Strategic Management at Nyenrode Business University with his activities in Schuette & Company. Peter is one of the founders of the Nyenrode University ’s Centre for Organizational Learning and Change (OLC) and a founding board member of the Netherlands Society for Organizational Learning. He holds a BA in Business Administration, and MA in Economics and a PhD in Management Sciences. He is a frequent speaker at conferences.

Profile of Mr. Bart Hilhorst

Mr. Bart Hilhorst has twenty-five years of experience in land and water resources management, with a focus on transboundary rivers and forward thinking in natural resources development and use. He has extensive field experience in complex transboundary water projects in Africa and Asia, and served as a Chief Technical Advisor for FAO project “Information Products for Nile Basin Water Resources Management”.

Mr. Hilhorst has particular knowledge of using scenario thinking to support strategy formulation for natural resources management, and to analyze the thematic elements of the water-energy-food nexus and their interrelations. Bart Hilhorst recently coordinated the preparation of the “State of the River Nile Basin 2012” report, the National Water Resources Assesssment for Uganda, followed by the development of a comprehensive water resources management strategy for the country. He is currently implementing a scenario project on the complex water-agriculture-energy sector in the Aral Sea basin.

Mr. Hilhorst has broad experience as manager and team leader on large projects in the area of natural resources management, and has conducted numerous capacity building and training events.