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Schuette & Company is a consulting firm that helps clients understand and exploit changes and uncertainties in their business environment, articulate and improve their business models, and prepare for the future. We work for both private companies and government / NGO institutions.

We aim to make and keep managers ‘sharp’ on their business environment by creating scenarios and using these scenarios in their sense making and decision processes. This approach aims to make managers both better prepared and ready to act, by linking the external ‘world of business’ to their internal ‘world of management’, where decision making and execution take place.

Schuette & Company applies principles and practices of organizational learning in its approach to “strategizing” and innovation. Becoming a “learning organization” means in our definition: paying attention to the management of your business processes, from “reading” the environment to institutional thinking and action. We help client organizations to accelerate their learning processes, allowing them to timely anticipate change and adjust or renew their Business Ideas accordingly. We work closely with clients in an enabling rather than a relieving mode, helping them become more sensitive to their environment and to enhance their adaptive competencies. Teams of managers are guided in surfacing current business models, developing scenarios, challenge prevailing assumptions, create new strategic insight and viable strategic options, and articulate their Business Ideas for the Future.

Schuette & Company operates with a network of highly experienced and trusted consultants, practitioners and academics around Peter Schütte. The company has a close association with Bart Hilhorst (former UN – FAO) in civic scenario processes and Wouter Schütte (technical support). Kees van der Heijden is a regular partner in projects. The network masters a variety of tools and processes, which are used in tailor made processes to help organizations to observe, reflect and experiment, unleash imagination and escape their limiting thinking frames and become better prepared for the future.

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