What if ?

“Nobody can predict, therefore one should not try. The only relevant discussions about the future are those where we succeed in shifting from the question whether something will happen to the question: what will we do if it happens ? “

Arie de Geus (Former Head of Planning, Shell)

Schuette & Company offers Scenario Training Workshops helping clients to develop insights and skills in scenario planning, scenario development and the use of scenarios in various contexts. The workshop format is well tried, developed initially in Shell and improved in numerous instances over the years in both management consulting, capacity building and educational (academic) environments.

The Workshops

We offer two workshop varieties: 1. “Scenario Thinking” and 2. “Scenarios to Strategy” workshops. The former concentrates on learning to build and use relevant and plausible scenarios in various settings. The latter are based on a series of workshops conducted with Kees van der Heijden (Oxford University and former head of Business Environment Division at Shell Group Planning and a former colleague at Shell) at Nyenrode University’s Centre for Organizational Learning (OLC). The workshop builds strongly on the well known and praised book: “Scenarios, the Art of Strategic Conversation” (Wiley, 2nd edition, 2005).

Format: ‘learning by doing’

The workshops are designed tailor made in order to meet client’s needs and characteristics in terms of intended use, number of participants, duration. The general format builds on two important starting points: learning by doing and interactivity.
During the workshop, participants work in groups on “live” cases and are taken through the scenario building process in a series of working sessions which are introduced by input presentations and group tasks. After each step presentations are made and during feedback sessions additional inputs are provided. Participants learn from their own experiences during the workshop and from those of other groups/cases. In both varieties participants learn basic scenario building skills, design effective scenario processes and conduct ‘what if’ analyses.
In our “scenario’s to strategy” workshops participants also build so called “Business Ideas” (strategic success formula) for the case organizations and test and them against their scenarios. Based on the outcomes of this analysis, participants generate strategic options and work on improvements of their current business idea.